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The Blood Bank

"A gold mine for those interested in breeding trotters"

News Updated: Racing information, BLUP, statistics 2015-02-23
News Danish horses and sire statistics 2015-01-12
News Racing information and sire statistics updated 2015-01-12
News Sire statistics updated for French and Norwegian trotters 2014-11-13
News Racing information and sire statistics updated 2014-10-17
News Racing information and sire statistics updated 2014-07-11
News Racing information and sire statistics updated 2014-01-18
News Downtime compensation 2013-07-04
News Racing information and sire statistics updated 2013-07-04
News Swedish and Finnish racing information and sire stats updated 2013-04-11

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The Blood Bank offers pedigree and production analysis, advanced sire stats, breeding guidance, articles, discussion forums and much more. The database contains more than 1,500,000 harness racing horses.

Racing information supplied by Svensk Travsport Suomen Hippos, Det Norske Travselskap och Dansk Travsports Centralforbund. Information on results in big races provided by Kurt Anderssons Travsida.

ST Suomen Hippos DNT DTC

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  • Pedigree analysis (Search the Blood Bank → Pedigree)
    • Displays pedigree (maximum eight generations)
    • Amount of inbreeding based on available pedigree information [info]
    • Inbreeding crosses [info]
    • Amount french/russian blood [info]
    • Maternal/paternal line and X-factor positions [info]
    • Pedigree analytes - special horses in pedigree [info]
    • Available for all existing horses as well as for any test mating
  • Production analysis (Search the Blood Bank → Production )
  • Sire stats (Search the Blood Bank → Sire Stats )
  • The Breeder's Guide (Search the Blood Bank → Breeder's Guide )
    • Matches your mare by your preferences
  • Buy/sell (Buy/sell horse)
    • One of the world's biggest marketplaces for trotters and pacers.
    • Constantly over 150 listed horses since Januari 2006.
    • Add your listing for free
  • Line founders (Horses & races → Line founders)
  • Elite mares (Horses & races→ Elite mares)
  • Classic winners (Horses & races→ Classic Races)
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