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Keila des Jacquets (FR) [H] [F] [S] m, 1998 1.18,1a € 15,866
Defi d'Aunou (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
(98 0,98) 1991
1.13,0v 1.10,9a € 2,382,449 80 33-16-16
At 3, third in Criterium des 3 ans. At 4, Winner of Criterium des 4 ans, Prix Ariste Hémard, Prix Ephrem Houel, second in Prix Marcel Laurent, Prix Octave Douesnel. At 5, Winner of Prix de l'Union Europeenne, Europeiskt Femåringschampionat, Prix de l'Etoile, Prix de Croix, Criterium des 5 ans, second in Prix Roederer, Prix Robert Auvray, Prix Jockey. At 6, Winner of Prix de Bourgogne, Prix René Ballière, Prix Chambon P, Prix de Washington, Prix de Paris, Prix de l'Atlantique, second in Prix de France, third in Prix d'Amerique. At 7, Winner of Grosser Preis von Bild, C.L.Müllers Memorial, Prix de l'Atlantique, Prix des Ducs de Normandie, third in Prix de France, Prix de Paris, Gran Premio Delle Nazioni, Prix de Bourgogne. At 8, Winner of Prix de l'Union Europeenne, Kymi Grand Prix, second in Prix de Washington, Prix de France, third in Prix des Ducs de Normandie, Prix d'Amerique, Prix de Paris.
Armbro Goal (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(101 0,99) 1985
1.11,2a USD 1,442,022
At 3, Winner of Canadian Trotting Classic, Dexter Cup, Hambletonian, Harry M. Zweig Memorial, Stanley Dancer Trot, World Trotting Derby.
Speedy Crown (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Scot (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedster (US)
Scotch Love (US)
Missile Toe (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Florican (US)
Worth a Plenty (US)
Armbro Flight (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Worthy Boy (US)
Stardrift (US)
Helicopter (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Hoot Mon (US)
Tronia Hanover (US)
Nesmile (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
1.17,4v  kr 356,512 29 5-3-4
Caprior (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Feu Follet X (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Ogaden (FR)
Raison d'Espoir (FR)
Ninia (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Abner (FR)
Dladys (FR)
Amours du Mesnil (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
L'as du Mesnil (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Atus II (FR)
Elee Iii (FR)
Pin Up du Menil (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Volontaire (FR)
Tanie (FR)
Cadence Gede (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Jiosco (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
1.15,8a kr 2,298,030 44 19-7-2
At 7, second in Prix d'Amerique, Prix de Paris.
Quioco (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Vermont (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Javari (FR)
Action (FR)
Beatrix II (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Lord Williams (FR)
Psappha (FR)
Valse Bellemoise (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Atus II (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Hernani III (FR)
Juignettes (FR)
Oyama (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Fandango (FR)
Jerica (FR)
Heitida (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
1.21,7v  € 21,061
Querido II (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Fandango (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Loudeac (FR)
Tombelaine (FR)
Dladys (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Hernani III (FR)
Gladys (FR)
Leila (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Volontaire (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Enfant de Troupe (FR)
Consolata (FR)
Dounsgate (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Quel Veinard (FR)
Ramsgate (FR)
Available information [info]
Pedigree complete in6 gen
Pedigree depth 19 gen
Pedigree Completeness Index (5 gen) 1,00

Modernity/Generation interval [info]
Generation interval (average, 4 gen)12,60
Ancestor birthyear (average, 4 gen)1960,40

Breeds [info] [display]
French Trotter 61,71 %
Russian Trotter 0,00 %
Standardbred 38,29 %

Lines and X Factor Chart [info]
Sire line [display] Abdallah (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Maternal line [display] Semendria (FR)  [H] [F] [S]
X Factor Chart [display]

Sire-Broodmare Sire Cross [info]
SireDefi d'Aunou
Broodmare SireJiosco
[Foals] [Pedigree]

Breed Value (BLUP) [info]
No BLUP available

Analytes [info]totxy/mR
Parent/full sibling50,000
2nd parent/half sibling25,000
3rd parent/full first cousin12,500
ändraStar's Pride109,989
ändraPeter the Great321y6,783
ändraCarioca II00Not calc.
ändraKerjacques00Not calc.
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Amount of inbreeding [info]
Inbreeding Coefficient (The Blood Bank )2,665 %
Inbreeding Coefficient (STC)Not available

Inbreeding Crosses [info] [display]
Bemecourt252 paths, 32 crosses (closest: 7)
Volontaire5x + (4x+6x)
Fuschia1232 paths, 72 crosses (closest: 8)
Atus II5 + 4x
Dladys (Mare)5x + 4x
Hernani III(6+6x) + (5x+5)
Intermede56 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 6)
Quo Vadis(7+8) + (6+6+7x+7+8+8)
James Watt299 paths, 36 crosses (closest: 7)
Belle Poule (Mare)88 paths, 19 crosses (closest: 7)
Peter the Great87 paths, 32 crosses (closest: 8)
Enoch(8+8x+8+9) + (7+7+8+8+9+9)
Phaeton432 paths, 43 crosses (closest: 8)
Peter Scott(7+8+8+8+9y) + 7
Peter Volo(7+7+8+9+9+9+9) + 8x
Hambletonian4709 paths, 294 crosses (closest: 11)
Kalmia(9+9+9x) + (8x+8x+8+9+10)
Benjamin18 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 7)
Kalmouk(8+8+10) + 7x
George Wilkes1320 paths, 173 crosses (closest: 10)
Axworthy29 paths, 30 crosses (closest: 8)
Senlis(9+9+11) + (8+8+10)
Happy Medium93 paths, 34 crosses (closest: 10)
Narquois(10+10) + (8+8+9+9+9+10+11)
Nervolo Belle (Mare)(8+8+9+10+10+10+10+10+12) + 9x
Verluisant(8+9+10x) + 8x
Urgent(9+9) + (8x+10)
Electioneer86 paths, 45 crosses (closest: 10)
Axtell30 paths, 31 crosses (closest: 9)
Harley(11+11+13) + (8+9x+9+10x)
Onward39 paths, 16 crosses (closest: 9)
Walnut Hall(10+11) + (8+10)
The Harvester(9+10) + 9x
Red Wilkes50 paths, 27 crosses (closest: 10)
Notelet (Mare)(10+10+11) + 10x
Lady Bunker (Mare)55 paths, 56 crosses (closest: 10)
Almont(11+12+12+12+13+13+14) + (11+11+13)
Baron Wilkes11 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 10)
Moko(10+11+11+12) + 11x
Mamie (Mare)14 + (10+11)


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