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Spicy Chocolate (US) [H] [F] [S] (104 0,83) m, 2008
Chocolatier (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(112 0,99) 2003
1.10,2a US$ 1,324,800 23 14-3-0
At 2, Winner of American-National, Breeders' Crown, International Stallion Stake, Walnut Hall Cup. At 3, Winner of American-National, World Trotting Derby, second in Hambletonian.

Sold at Standardbred Horse Sale (Harrisburg) 2004 for 50,000 USD.
Credit Winner (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(109 1,00) 1997
1.10,6a kr 12,835,463 23 9-9-2
At 2, Winner of International Stallion Stake, Walnut Hall Cup, second in Peter Haughton Memorial, Valley Victory. At 3, Winner of Kentucky Futurity, Old Oaken Bucket, Transylvania Trot, second in Breeders' Crown, Canadian Trotting Classic, Hambletonian, World Trotting Derby.

Sold at Tattersalls Select Yearling Sale 1998 for 75,000 USD.
American Winner (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Super Bowl (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Pillow Talk (US)
B.J.'s Pleasure (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Somolli (US)
Matina Hanover (US)
Lawn Tennis (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Armbro Goal (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Armbro Flight (US)
Grassbed (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Bonefish (US)
Pure Lily (US)
Maple Frosting (US)
[H] [F] [S]

Sold at Kentucky Standardbred Sale 1994 for 115,000 USD.
Valley Victory (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Baltic Speed (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Somolli (US)
Sugar Frosting (US)
Valley Victoria (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Bonefish (US)
Victorious Lou (US)
Valley Regina (CA)
[H] [F] [S]
Meadow Road
[H] [F] [S]
Madison Avenue (US)
Armbro Regina (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Scot (US)
Armbro Flight (US)
Southwind Prelude (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Malabar Man (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(101 0,99) 1994
1.10,4a US$ 2,231,333
At 2, Winner of Breeders' Crown, William Wellwood, second in Valley Victory, third in Champlain Stakes Open. At 3, Winner of Gran Premio Orsi Mangelli, American-National, Breeders' Crown, Hambletonian, Historic Dickerson Cup, New Jersey Sire Stake, Stanley Dancer Trot, Transylvania Trot, second in World Trotting Derby.
Supergill (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Super Bowl (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Pillow Talk (US)
Winky's Gill (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Bonefish (US)
Lassie Blue Chip (US)
Lady Love McBur (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Meadow Road
[H] [F] [S]
Madison Avenue (US)
Fickle Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Yankee Flair (US)
Promised Crown (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Scot (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedster (US)
Scotch Love (US)
Missile Toe (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Florican (US)
Worth a Plenty (US)
Promissory (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Dartmouth (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Victory Song (US)
Lura Hanover (US)
Proud Emily (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Florican (US)
Emily Star (US)
Available information [info]
Pedigree complete in9 gen
Pedigree depth 22 gen
Pedigree Completeness Index (5 gen) 1,00

Modernity/Generation interval [info]
Generation interval (average, 4 gen)9,10
Ancestor birthyear (average, 4 gen)1980,97

Breeds [info] [display]
French Trotter 0,00 %
Russian Trotter 0,00 %
Standardbred 100,00 %

Lines and X Factor Chart [info]
Sire line [display] Abdallah (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Maternal line [display] Morning Bells (US)  [H] [F] [S]
X Factor Chart [display]

Sire-Broodmare Sire Cross [info]
Broodmare SireMalabar Man
[Foals] [Pedigree]

Breed Value (BLUP) [info]
Number of starts (5 %)97
Racing Performance (75 %)105
Percentage of starters (20 %)100
Ancestry indexNot available
DevNot available
Total index104

Analytes [info]totxy/mR
Parent/full sibling50,000
ändraStar's Pride153y31,749
2nd parent/half sibling25,000
ändraPeter the Great36030y20,343
3rd parent/full first cousin12,500
ändraFuschia00Not calc.
ändraFandango00Not calc.
ändraCarioca II00Not calc.
ändraKerjacques00Not calc.
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Amount of inbreeding [info]
Inbreeding Coefficient (The Blood Bank )14,415 %
Inbreeding Coefficient (STC)13,230 %

Inbreeding Crosses [info] [display]
Star's Pride50 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 5)
Speedy Crown(5+6+6) + (3x+5x)
Peter the Great30551 paths, 360 crosses (closest: 8)
Volomite640 paths, 52 crosses (closest: 6)
Speedy Scot(5x+6+7+7) + (4+6+6)
Guy Axworthy17613 paths, 274 crosses (closest: 8)
Speedster28 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 5)
Scotland570 paths, 49 crosses (closest: 7)
Super Bowl4y + 4
Meadow Road4x + 4x
Rodney60 paths, 16 crosses (closest: 6)
Worthy Boy112 paths, 22 crosses (closest: 6)
Peter Volo2124 paths, 95 crosses (closest: 7)
Axworthy36162 paths, 393 crosses (closest: 9)
Hambletonian3339573 paths, 3766 crosses (closest: 11)
Florican(7+7+8+8+8) + (5x+5x+7x+8)
Bonefish(5x+5) + 5
George Wilkes1190850 paths, 2251 crosses (closest: 11)
Victory Song(7x+7+8+8+9+9) + (5+6+8+8)
Mr McElwyn242 paths, 33 crosses (closest: 7)
Mimi Hanover (Mare)40 paths, 13 crosses (closest: 6)
Nevele Pride(6+6+6) + (6+6)
Spencer Scott77 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 6)
Peter Scott660 paths, 53 crosses (closest: 8)
Roya Mckinney (Mare)660 paths, 53 crosses (closest: 8)
Dean Hanover120 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 7)
McKinney10530 paths, 213 crosses (closest: 9)
San Francisco1288 paths, 74 crosses (closest: 8)
Spencer425 paths, 42 crosses (closest: 7)
Dillon Axworthy544 paths, 49 crosses (closest: 8)
Axtell38709 paths, 406 crosses (closest: 10)
Nervolo Belle (Mare)3496 paths, 122 crosses (closest: 8)
Guy McKinney150 paths, 25 crosses (closest: 7)
Princess Royal (Mare)1848 paths, 89 crosses (closest: 9)
Hoot Mon(7x+7+8+8+8+8+8) + (7x+8+8)
May Spencer (Mare)96 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 7)
Guy Wilkes28251 paths, 348 crosses (closest: 10)
Happy Medium35040 paths, 386 crosses (closest: 10)
Zombro2432 paths, 102 crosses (closest: 9)
Darnley(7x+8+9+9) + (6x+8x+8)
Electioneer100500 paths, 652 crosses (closest: 10)
Lee Axworthy1716 paths, 85 crosses (closest: 9)
Lady Bunker (Mare)133104 paths, 754 crosses (closest: 11)
Bingen12690 paths, 231 crosses (closest: 10)
Lee Tide468 paths, 44 crosses (closest: 8)
Alma Lee (Mare)135 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 8)
Adioo Dillon (Mare)576 paths, 50 crosses (closest: 9)
Emily Ellen (Mare)1080 paths, 67 crosses (closest: 9)
Esther (Mare)1782 paths, 87 crosses (closest: 9)
Chimes2304 paths, 100 crosses (closest: 10)
Guyellen (Mare)117 paths, 22 crosses (closest: 8)
Atlantic Express180 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 9)
Hickory Pride7 + 6x
Todd1683 paths, 84 crosses (closest: 10)
Baron Wilkes4455 paths, 136 crosses (closest: 10)
Beautiful Bells (Mare)9804 paths, 205 crosses (closest: 11)
May King15444 paths, 255 crosses (closest: 11)
Young Miss (Mare)15444 paths, 255 crosses (closest: 11)
Margaret Arion (Mare)66 paths, 17 crosses (closest: 9)
Emily Scott (Mare)8x + 6xm
Expressive (Mare)286 paths, 35 crosses (closest: 10)
Bellini286 paths, 35 crosses (closest: 10)
Guy Abbey24 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 8)
Nibble Hanover(7+8) + 8
Onward7524 paths, 180 crosses (closest: 10)
Miss Pierette (Mare)35 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 8)
Alcantara3096 paths, 115 crosses (closest: 11)
Twilight Hanover (Mare)(8x+8+9) + 8x
The Widow (Mare)435 paths, 44 crosses (closest: 10)
Moko468 paths, 44 crosses (closest: 9)
Fruity Worthy (Mare)60 paths, 16 crosses (closest: 9)
Calumet Chuck(8+9+10+10+10) + (9+10+10)
Minnehaha (Mare)13288 paths, 239 crosses (closest: 11)
Fanella (Mare)1802 paths, 87 crosses (closest: 11)
Belwin105 paths, 22 crosses (closest: 10)
Margaret Parrish (Mare)84 paths, 19 crosses (closest: 9)
The Gaiety Girl (Mare)2016 paths, 92 crosses (closest: 11)
Maggie H. (Mare)4335 paths, 136 crosses (closest: 11)
Volga E. (Mare)170 paths, 27 crosses (closest: 10)
Arion3696 paths, 125 crosses (closest: 11)
Red Wilkes31666 paths, 365 crosses (closest: 12)
Morning Gale (Mare)30 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 9)
Wilton1056 paths, 68 crosses (closest: 11)
The Harvester48 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 9)
Phonograph(8+9x+9) + 9
Hollyrood Phyllis (Mare)8 + 8x
Baronmore187 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 10)
Madam Thompson (Mare)45 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 9)
Truax(9+9+10+11+11+11) + (10+11+11)
Notelet (Mare)108 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 10)
Baron Dillon66 paths, 17 crosses (closest: 10)
Justice Brooke(9+10+11x+12+13+13) + (10x+10+12x+12)
Expectation (Mare)160 paths, 26 crosses (closest: 10)
Hollyrood Nimble (Mare)28 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 10)
Adbell325 paths, 38 crosses (closest: 11)
Walnut Hall77 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 10)
Isotta (Mare)(10+10+10+10) + (10+10)
Almont1188 paths, 71 crosses (closest: 12)
Eva (Mare)128 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 10)
Joe Dodge40 paths, 13 crosses (closest: 11)
Harold726 paths, 55 crosses (closest: 11)
Siliko10 + (9x+10x)
Sienna (Mare)(10+11+11+12+12+12) + (11+12+12)
Miss Bertha C. (Mare)(10x+10+11x+11+12) + (11x+12)
Honeymoon H. (Mare)(10+10) + 10
Sis Directum (Mare)(11x+11x) + (11x+11x)
Mamie (Mare)98 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 13)
Aberdeen(13+14x+14) + (13+14)


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