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One too Many [H] [F] [S] (114 0,97 +24) h, 2007 1.14,5v 1.13,5a kr 2,324,500 20 10-2-0
At 3, Winner of Breeders' Crown, Ibrahim Paschas Lopp, second in Svenskt Travkriterium.
Viking Kronos (IT)
[H] [F] [S]
(114 1,00 +37) 1995
1.12,1a kr 6,128,108 14 12-1-0
At 2, Winner of Gran Criterium (Memorial Piero Biondi), Gran Premio Allevatori. At 3, Winner of Gran Premio Nazionale, Gran Premio Tito Giovanardi, E3 Korta.
American Winner (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(106 0,98) 1990
1.10,0a USD 1,302,451
At 3, Winner of Currier And Ives, Dexter Cup, Hambletonian, Harry M. Zweig Memorial, Old Oaken Bucket, Simcoe Stakes Open, Yonkers Trot, second in Stanley Dancer Trot, third in Breeders' Crown.
Super Bowl (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Worthy Boy (US)
Stardrift (US)
Pillow Talk (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Rodney (US)
Bewitch (US)
B.J.'s Pleasure (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Somolli (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Somolli (US)
Matina Hanover (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Count (US)
Matora Hanover (US)
Conch (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(96 0,82) 1982
1.13,2a USD 485,889
At 2, Winner of Acorn, third in Merrie Annabelle. At 3, Winner of Coaching Club Trotting Oaks, Hambletonian Oaks.
Bonefish (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Nevele Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Thankful (US)
Exciting Speed (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedster (US)
Expresson (US)
Vikings Venus (US)
[H] [F] [S]
A.C.'s Viking (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Hoot Mon (US)
Volo A.C. (US)
Carmita Hanover (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Cathey (US)
Bourbon Eyes
[H] [F] [S]
(98 0,91 +26) 1994
1.16,1v 1.15,6a kr 398,000 46 2-8-9
At 3, third in Juliennes Lopp, Lime Abbeys Lopp, Treåringseliten, Vårfavoriten, Wallenius Cup.
Elite mare (Sweden).
Smokin Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(89 1,00) 1978
1.13,3a USD 891,906
At 2, Winner of E H Harriman Challenge Cup. At 3, third in Stanley Dancer Trot, Yonkers Trot.
Speedy Crown (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Scot (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedster (US)
Scotch Love (US)
Missile Toe (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Florican (US)
Worth a Plenty (US)
Modern Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Hickory Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Misty Hanover (US)
Petite Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Hickory Smoke (US)
Hoot Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(89 0,86 +28) 1982
1.17,1v 1.16,3a kr 162,500 46 5-6-3
Zoot Suit (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Nevele Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Thankful (US)
Glad Rags (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Greentree Adios (US)
Jewel Rosecroft (US)
Duty Free
[H] [F] [S]
[H] [F] [S]
Clean Sweep (US)
Early Bird
Erva Scout
[H] [F] [S]
Scout Master (US)
Available information [info]
Pedigree complete in7 gen
Pedigree depth 21 gen
Pedigree Completeness Index (5 gen) 1,00

Modernity/Generation interval [info]
Generation interval (average, 4 gen)10,57
Ancestor birthyear (average, 4 gen)1969,63

Breeds [info] [display]
French Trotter 0,00 %
Russian Trotter 0,00 %
Standardbred 100,00 %

Lines and X Factor Chart [info]
Sire line [display] Abdallah (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Maternal line [display] Nancy Lee (US)  [H] [F] [S]
X Factor Chart [display]

Sire-Broodmare Sire Cross [info]
SireViking Kronos
Broodmare SireSmokin Yankee
[Foals] [Pedigree]

Breed Value (BLUP) [info]
Number of starts (5 %)107
Racing Performance (75 %)115
Percentage of starters (20 %)111
Ancestry index106
Total index114

Analytes [info]totxy/mR
Parent/full sibling50,000
ändraStar's Pride60y32,596
2nd parent/half sibling25,000
ändraPeter the Great1388y18,857
3rd parent/full first cousin12,500
ändraFuschia00Not calc.
ändraFandango00Not calc.
ändraCarioca II00Not calc.
ändraKerjacques00Not calc.
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Amount of inbreeding [info]
Inbreeding Coefficient (The Blood Bank )10,354 %
Inbreeding Coefficient (STC)9,250 %

Inbreeding Crosses [info] [display]
Star's Pride(4y+5+5+6) + (5+5)
Peter the Great4697 paths, 138 crosses (closest: 8)
Guy Axworthy2610 paths, 103 crosses (closest: 7)
Worthy Boy(5y+6+6+7+9) + (6+6+6+7)
Speedy Crown5 + 3
Nevele Pride4 + 4
Volomite50 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 6)
Scotland80 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 6)
Axworthy5676 paths, 152 crosses (closest: 8)
Mr McElwyn56 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 6)
Peter Volo252 paths, 33 crosses (closest: 7)
Hambletonian527424 paths, 1460 crosses (closest: 10)
George Wilkes191751 paths, 880 crosses (closest: 10)
Rodney(5+6+7+8) + (6+6)
Hoot Mon(5+6+7) + (6+6x)
Speedster(5+6+7) + 5
McKinney1728 paths, 84 crosses (closest: 8)
Dean Hanover(7+7+8+8+9) + (6x+7x+7+7x+7)
Peter Scott100 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 7)
Roya Mckinney (Mare)100 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 7)
Spencer Scott(6+7+7+8+9) + (7+7+7)
San Francisco135 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 7)
Axtell5829 paths, 154 crosses (closest: 9)
Dillon Axworthy99 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 7)
Nervolo Belle (Mare)486 paths, 45 crosses (closest: 8)
Earls Princ.Martha (Mare)(6+7+8+9) + (7+7x+7)
Guy Wilkes4425 paths, 134 crosses (closest: 9)
Happy Medium5561 paths, 150 crosses (closest: 10)
Calumet Chuck(7+7+8) + (7+7+8+8)
Princess Royal (Mare)252 paths, 32 crosses (closest: 8)
Spencer54 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 7)
Zombro315 paths, 36 crosses (closest: 8)
Peter the Brewer(7+8+8+9+11) + (8+8+8+8+9)
Lady Bunker (Mare)20412 paths, 288 crosses (closest: 10)
Electioneer14904 paths, 246 crosses (closest: 9)
Lee Axworthy252 paths, 32 crosses (closest: 8)
Belwin63 paths, 16 crosses (closest: 7)
Bingen2016 paths, 90 crosses (closest: 9)
Atlantic Express35 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 8)
Nibble Hanover(6+6) + 7x
Guy Abbey(6+7+8+9) + (8+8x)
Chimes374 paths, 39 crosses (closest: 9)
Victory Song(7+8) + 6
The Widow (Mare)132 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 8)
Esther (Mare)198 paths, 29 crosses (closest: 9)
Justissima (Mare)(7+7) + (8x+8)
Guy McKinney(8+9+9+10) + (7+8)
Beautiful Bells (Mare)1800 paths, 86 crosses (closest: 10)
Jane Revere (Mare)(8+9+9+10+12) + (8x+9+9+9+10)
Emily Ellen (Mare)126 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 9)
Baron Wilkes870 paths, 59 crosses (closest: 10)
May King2438 paths, 99 crosses (closest: 10)
Young Miss (Mare)2438 paths, 99 crosses (closest: 10)
Sienna (Mare)(7+9+9+10) + (9+9+10+10)
Expressive (Mare)48 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 9)
Bellini48 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 9)
Volga E. (Mare)36 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 8)
Todd216 paths, 30 crosses (closest: 9)
Adioo (Mare)110 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 9)
Sidney Dillon110 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 9)
Onward1160 paths, 69 crosses (closest: 9)
Hollyrood Nimble (Mare)(9+9+10) + (8x+9+9+10+10)
Maggie H. (Mare)806 paths, 57 crosses (closest: 9)
Alcantara546 paths, 47 crosses (closest: 10)
Justice Brooke(8+8+12) + (9x+9+10)
Minnehaha (Mare)2478 paths, 101 crosses (closest: 11)
Adbell140 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 9)
Wilton238 paths, 31 crosses (closest: 9)
Volga Hanover (Mare)8 + 7
Fruity Worthy (Mare)(9+9+9+10+11) + (9+10x+10)
The Abbe(8+9+10+11) + (9+10+10x)
Fanella (Mare)280 paths, 34 crosses (closest: 10)
Moko72 paths, 17 crosses (closest: 9)
The Gaiety Girl (Mare)285 paths, 34 crosses (closest: 10)
Baronmore49 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 10)
Expectation (Mare)48 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 9)
Arion588 paths, 49 crosses (closest: 10)
Red Wilkes4800 paths, 139 crosses (closest: 11)
By By (Mare)121 paths, 22 crosses (closest: 10)
Miss Bertha Hanov. (Mare)8 + 8x
High Noon10 + (7+8)
Morning Gale (Mare)(9+11) + (9x+9)
Wilkes Boy35 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 10)
Miss Bertha Dillon (Mare)9 + (9x+9x)
Almont169 paths, 26 crosses (closest: 11)
John A.Mckerron(10+10) + 9x
The Harvester(11+12) + (9x+9+10)
Walnut Hall(10+12+13) + (10+10+11)
Notelet (Mare)(12+12+13) + (9+10x+10+10+11)
Miss Bertha C. (Mare)(10+11) + (10x+10x)
Harold132 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 11)
Eva (Mare)(11+12+12+12+13+13) + (11+12+12x)
Madam Thompson (Mare)(11+11+12) + 10
Nancy Hanks (Mare)(12+13+14+15) + (10xm+13+13x+13)
Prodigal(12+13) + (10+11)
The Red Silk (Mare)(12+13) + (10x+11)
Director14 + (10x+12)
Mamie (Mare)(13+13+14+15+16) + (14+14x+14)


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