Existing horse
Test mating -
Flynn Boko [H] [F] [S] (110 0,76 +18) g, 2012 1.15,1v 1.10,4a kr 1,017,042 128 14-12-24
Zola Boko
[H] [F] [S]
(110 0,99 +18) 2006
1.11,6a kr 1,950,214 11 7-2-1
At 3, Winner of Europeiskt Treåringschampionat.
Goetmals Wood (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
(103 0,98) 1994
1.11,9a € 894,190 67 14- -
At 4, Winner of Prix Phaéton, Prix de Tonnac-Villeneuve, Prix Ephrem Houel, second in Prix Ariste Hémard, Prix Octave Douesnel, third in Prix de Milan. At 5, Winner of Prix de Croix, Prix des Ducs de Normandie, Prix Jean Le Gonidec, second in Criterium de Vitesse de Basse Normandie, Criterium des 5 ans, Prix Roederer, Prix de la Haye, Prix de l'Etoile, third in Europeiskt Femåringschampionat, Prix Jockey, Prix Chambon P. At 6, second in Prix des Ducs de Normandie, Prix de Washington, third in Prix de Paris, Prix René Ballière, Coupe du Monde de Trot.
And Arifant (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Sharif di Iesolo (IT)
[H] [F] [S]
Quick Song (US)
Odile de Sassy (FR)
Infante d'Aunou (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Niky des Etangs (FR)
Oscana (FR)
Tahitienne (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Kimberland (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Nevele Pride (US)
Astrasia (US)
Oligiste (FR)
[H] [F] [S]
Greyhound (FR)
Jinada (FR)
Big Blue Kitten (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(105 0,87 +14) 1997
1.12,2a kr 587,008 40 4-6-4
At 3, Winner of Lady Suffolk.
Elite mare (Sweden).
Sold at Kentucky Standardbred Sale 1998 for 80,000 USD.
Pine Chip (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Arndon (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Arnie Almahurst (US)
Roydon Gal (US)
Pine Speed (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Somolli (US)
Piney Hanover (US)
Dasooner Dabettor (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Meadow Road
[H] [F] [S]
Madison Avenue (US)
Armbro Brilliance (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Dream of Glory (US)
Armbro Regina (US)
Lovely Kemp (FI)
[H] [F] [S]
(98 0,86) 1997
1.15,0v 1.13,7a kr 2,134,697 46 18-7-5
At 2, third in Breeders' Crown. At 3, Winner of Breeders' Crown, Kymenlaakso Ajo, second in Tammakriterium, third in Finskt Trav-Kriterium. At 4, Winner of Breeders' Crown, Finskt Trav-Derby, S:t Leger, second in Kuopio Stakes, Midnight Cup.
Express Ride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(106 0,99) 1983
1.10,2a € 1,292,048 92 32-18-4
At 2, Winner of Breeders' Crown, Peter Haughton Memorial. At 3, Winner of Stanley Dancer Trot. At 4, Winner of American-National Open Trot, third in Nat Ray Trot. At 6, second in Killerin Eliitti, third in Finlandia-Ajo. At 7, Winner of Criterium de Vitesse de la Côte d'Azur, Prix de Washington, second in Gran Premio Renzo Orlandi.
Super Bowl (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Worthy Boy (US)
Stardrift (US)
Pillow Talk (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Rodney (US)
Bewitch (US)
Flory Messenger (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Arnie Almahurst (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Scot (US)
Ambitious Blaze (US)
Ball Belle (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Florican (US)
Keystone Starlet (US)
Kissy Face (US)
[H] [F] [S]
1.18,9a € 333
Speedy Scot (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedster (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Rodney (US)
Mimi Hanover (US)
Scotch Love (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Victory Song (US)
Selka Scot (US)
Sealed With a Kiss (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Nevele Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Thankful (US)
Flying Cloud (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Florican (US)
Flying Queen (US)
Available information [info]
Pedigree complete in8 gen
Pedigree depth 22 gen
Pedigree Completeness Index (5 gen) 1,00

Modernity/Generation interval [info]
Generation interval (average, 4 gen)10,40
Ancestor birthyear (average, 4 gen)1976,87

Breeds [info] [display]
French Trotter 14,70 %
Russian Trotter 0,00 %
Standardbred 85,30 %

Lines and X Factor Chart [info]
Sire line [display] Abdallah (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Maternal line [display] Esther (US)  [H] [F] [S]
X Factor Chart [display]

Sire-Broodmare Sire Cross [info]
SireZola Boko
Broodmare SireExpress Ride
[Foals] [Pedigree]

Breed Value (BLUP) [info]
Number of starts (5 %)105
Racing Performance (75 %)110
Percentage of starters (20 %)111
Ancestry index104
Total index110

Analytes [info]totxy/mR
Parent/full sibling50,000
ändraStar's Pride8126,367
2nd parent/half sibling25,000
ändraPeter the Great23017y17,485
3rd parent/full first cousin12,500
ändraCarioca II103,283
ändraFandango00Not calc.
ändraKerjacques00Not calc.
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Amount of inbreeding [info]
Inbreeding Coefficient (The Blood Bank )8,401 %
Inbreeding Coefficient (STC)7,610 %

Inbreeding Crosses [info] [display]
Peter the Great10624 paths, 230 crosses (closest: 8)
Speedy Scot(6+6+7) + (3x+5)
Star's Pride(6+7+7+7+7) + (4+5+6x)
Volomite144 paths, 26 crosses (closest: 6)
Guy Axworthy5016 paths, 158 crosses (closest: 7)
Nevele Pride(5+6) + 4x
Scotland176 paths, 30 crosses (closest: 6)
Peter Volo774 paths, 61 crosses (closest: 7)
Axworthy10710 paths, 233 crosses (closest: 8)
Speedster(7+7+7+8) + (4+6)
Arnie Almahurst5 + 4x
Super Bowl6 + 3
Santos (Mare)10688 paths, 231 crosses (closest: 9)
Hambletonian1064707 paths, 2332 crosses (closest: 11)
Rodney(8+8+8+8+8+9) + (5+5+7)
Worthy Boy(7+8+8+8+8+9+10) + (5+6+7)
George Wilkes369171 paths, 1380 crosses (closest: 10)
Victory Song(6y+8+8+8+9) + (5x+7)
Mr McElwyn72 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 6)
Dean Hanover30 paths, 13 crosses (closest: 6)
McKinney3663 paths, 136 crosses (closest: 8)
Peter Scott192 paths, 32 crosses (closest: 7)
Roya Mckinney (Mare)184 paths, 31 crosses (closest: 7)
Nervolo Belle (Mare)1071 paths, 72 crosses (closest: 8)
Hoot Mon(7+8+8+8+8+8+9) + (6x+7)
Mimi Hanover (Mare)(8+8+8+8+9) + (5+7)
San Francisco324 paths, 39 crosses (closest: 7)
Axtell11310 paths, 239 crosses (closest: 9)
Spencer140 paths, 27 crosses (closest: 7)
Dillon Axworthy280 paths, 38 crosses (closest: 7)
Florican(8+8) + (5x+5x)
Spencer Scott(9+9+9+9+9+9+10) + (6+6+8)
Happy Medium12993 paths, 254 crosses (closest: 10)
Guy Wilkes9480 paths, 218 crosses (closest: 9)
Evensong (Mare)(7+9+9+9+9+10) + (6x+8x+8)
Dillcisco (Mare)(8+9+9+9+9+10) + (6+7+8x+9x)
Guy McKinney32 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 7)
Princess Royal (Mare)570 paths, 53 crosses (closest: 8)
Zombro680 paths, 57 crosses (closest: 8)
Protector28 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 7)
Lady Bunker (Mare)41500 paths, 457 crosses (closest: 10)
Electioneer30135 paths, 392 crosses (closest: 10)
Lee Axworthy481 paths, 50 crosses (closest: 8)
Peter the Brewer36 paths, 13 crosses (closest: 7)
Bingen3815 paths, 144 crosses (closest: 9)
Lee Tide147 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 8)
Emily Ellen (Mare)310 paths, 41 crosses (closest: 9)
Esther (Mare)480 paths, 47 crosses (closest: 9)
Chimes810 paths, 63 crosses (closest: 9)
Atlantic Express44 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 8)
Alma Lee (Mare)24 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 7)
Estabella (Mare)585 paths, 54 crosses (closest: 9)
Baron Wilkes1680 paths, 94 crosses (closest: 10)
Guy Abbey(9+10+10+10+10+10+11) + (8x+8x+9)
Belwin75 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 9)
Todd481 paths, 50 crosses (closest: 9)
Bill Gallon(8+8) + 7x
Zombrewer (Mare)40 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 8)
Beautiful Bells (Mare)3430 paths, 133 crosses (closest: 10)
Expressive (Mare)98 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 9)
Bellini98 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 9)
May King4446 paths, 155 crosses (closest: 10)
Young Miss (Mare)4446 paths, 155 crosses (closest: 10)
Onward2592 paths, 113 crosses (closest: 9)
Extasy (Mare)160 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 9)
Guyellen (Mare)24 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 8)
Calumet Chuck(8+9+9+10) + 8x
Miss Pierette (Mare)(9+10+11+11+11+11+12) + (8x+10x+10)
The Widow (Mare)119 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 9)
Minnehaha (Mare)5082 paths, 163 crosses (closest: 11)
Alcantara867 paths, 68 crosses (closest: 10)
Margaret Parrish (Mare)36 paths, 13 crosses (closest: 9)
Moko95 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 9)
Fanella (Mare)507 paths, 52 crosses (closest: 10)
Fruity Worthy (Mare)(10+11+11+11+11+11+12) + (8+10)
Miss Bertha Dillon (Mare)(10+10+10+10+11) + (9+9x)
Maggie H. (Mare)1140 paths, 77 crosses (closest: 10)
Baronmore119 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 10)
The Gaiety Girl (Mare)520 paths, 53 crosses (closest: 10)
Isotta (Mare)(9+10+10) + 8x
Iosola's Worthy (Mare)9 + 7x
Arion1254 paths, 79 crosses (closest: 11)
Madam Thompson (Mare)36 paths, 13 crosses (closest: 9)
Red Wilkes8586 paths, 215 crosses (closest: 11)
Adbell154 paths, 29 crosses (closest: 10)
Truax(9+10+10+10+11) + 9
Wilton330 paths, 41 crosses (closest: 10)
The Harvester(9+12+12+13) + (9x+9x)
Baron Dillon28 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 9)
Eva Bellini (Mare)(11+11+12) + (8x+9xm+10)
Follow Up9 + 8x
Miss Bertha C. (Mare)(11+11+11+11+11+12+14) + (10+10x+11)
Eva (Mare)96 paths, 22 crosses (closest: 10)
Wilkes Boy36 paths, 15 crosses (closest: 10)
Morning Gale (Mare)(12+12+12) + (9x+9x+9)
Almont290 paths, 39 crosses (closest: 11)
Eva's Girl (Mare)(10+10) + 9x
Notelet (Mare)(10+12+12+13+13+13+14) + (10x+10x)
Hollyrood Nimble (Mare)(10+11+11+11+11+11+12) + 10
Walnut Hall(10+11+13+13+14) + (10+10)
Expectation (Mare)24 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 10)
Harold290 paths, 39 crosses (closest: 11)
Honeymoon H. (Mare)(10+12) + 9
Prodigal24 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 10)
The Red Silk (Mare)(11+11+13+13+13+13+14) + (10x+12x+12)
Barongale(10+11+12+12+13+13+14) + 11x
The Senator11 + 9x
Mamie (Mare)64 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 12)
Nancy Hanks (Mare)40 paths, 14 crosses (closest: 12)
Elyria(12+13+14) + 11
Lord Russell18 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 12)
Mambrino King(13+13+14+15) + 12


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