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Harper Blue Chip (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Majestic Son (CA)
[H] [F] [S]
1.09,9a USD 1,756,883 38 22-5-3
At 2, Winner of Champlain Stakes Open, Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final, Ontario Sires Stakes Super Final, second in Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final, Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final, Valley Victory. At 3, Winner of Breeders' Crown, Canadian Breeders' Championship, Canadian Trotting Classic, Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final, Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final, Ontario Sires Stakes Gold Final. At 4, Winner of Frank Ryan Memorial Trot Final.
Angus Hall (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Garland Lobell (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Abc Freight (US)
Gamin Lobell (US)
Amour Angus (CA)
[H] [F] [S]
Magna Force (US)
Kenwood Scamper (US)
Celtic Contessa (CA)
[H] [F] [S]
King Conch
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Conch (US)
Ramerizi (CA)
[H] [F] [S]
Face to Face (US)
Terrys Girl Penny (CA)
Winning Jonlin (US)
[H] [F] [S]
1.14,2a kr 64,103 4 0-1-0

Sold at Tattersalls Select Yearling Sale 2004 for 110,000 USD.
Muscles Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Valley Victory (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Baltic Speed (US)
Valley Victoria (US)
Maiden Yankee (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Wistful Yankee (US)
Jonlin (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Super Bowl (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
Pillow Talk (US)
B.J.'s Pleasure (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Somolli (US)
Matina Hanover (US)
B.W.T.Heartache (FI)
[H] [F] [S]
1.18,1v 1.18,9a € 1,080 7 1-0-0
Super Arnie (US)
[H] [F] [S]
(104 1,00) 1987
1.11,0a USD 393,464
At 2, Winner of International Stallion Stake. At 3, Winner of Review Stakes, second in World Trotting Derby.
Super Bowl (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Star's Pride (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Worthy Boy (US)
Stardrift (US)
Pillow Talk (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Rodney (US)
Bewitch (US)
Arnies Likeness (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Arnie Almahurst (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Scot (US)
Ambitious Blaze (US)
Picture Dart (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Dartmouth (US)
Picturesque (US)
Queen of Hearts (FI)
[H] [F] [S]
(103 0,78) 1991
1.20,6v 1.17,3a € 1,160 6 0-0-3
Friendly Face (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Somolli (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Somolli (US)
About Face (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedster (US)
Frosty Face (US)
Sensible Mare (FI)
[H] [F] [S]
Gus Lobell (US)
[H] [F] [S]
Speedy Crown (US)
Glee Hanover (US)
Ivette H.
[H] [F] [S]
Nicias Grandchamp (FR)
Available information [info]
Pedigree complete in6 gen
Pedigree depth 23 gen
Pedigree Completeness Index (5 gen) 1,00

Modernity/Generation interval [info]
Generation interval (average, 4 gen)Not available
Ancestor birthyear (average, 4 gen)Not available

Breeds [info] [display]
French Trotter 2,94 %
Russian Trotter 0,10 %
Standardbred 96,96 %

Lines and X Factor Chart [info]
Sire line [display] Abdallah (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Maternal line [display] Sonja [H] [F] [S]
X Factor Chart [display]

Sire-Broodmare Sire Cross [info]
SireHarper Blue Chip
Broodmare SireSuper Arnie
[Foals] [Pedigree]

Breed Value (BLUP) [info]
No BLUP available

Analytes [info]totxy/mR
Parent/full sibling50,000
ändraStar's Pride18030,006
2nd parent/half sibling25,000
ändraPeter the Great47812y19,474
3rd parent/full first cousin12,500
ändraCarioca II00Not calc.
ändraKerjacques00Not calc.
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Amount of inbreeding [info]
Inbreeding Coefficient (The Blood Bank )12,879 %
Inbreeding Coefficient (STC)Not available

Inbreeding Crosses [info] [display]
Super Bowl(4+7) + 3
Peter the Great38896 paths, 478 crosses (closest: 8)
Star's Pride32 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 4)
Speedy Crown(5+5+6+6+6+7) + (5+5)
Speedster48 paths, 16 crosses (closest: 5)
Scotland816 paths, 67 crosses (closest: 7)
Volomite576 paths, 60 crosses (closest: 6)
Guy Axworthy21128 paths, 354 crosses (closest: 7)
Speedy Scot(6+6+7+7+7+8+8) + (5+6+6)
Rodney75 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 5)
Peter Volo2697 paths, 122 crosses (closest: 7)
Speedy Somolli(5+6) + 4
Axworthy44172 paths, 517 crosses (closest: 8)
Worthy Boy115 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 5)
Hoot Mon52 paths, 17 crosses (closest: 6)
Hambletonian4107528 paths, 4914 crosses (closest: 11)
Victory Song52 paths, 17 crosses (closest: 6)
George Wilkes1452990 paths, 2939 crosses (closest: 10)
Spencer Scott102 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 6)
Dean Hanover144 paths, 30 crosses (closest: 7)
Mr McElwyn234 paths, 45 crosses (closest: 6)
Peter Scott896 paths, 72 crosses (closest: 8)
Roya Mckinney (Mare)896 paths, 72 crosses (closest: 8)
McKinney12656 paths, 282 crosses (closest: 9)
Earls Princ.Martha (Mare)80 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 6)
Dillon Axworthy832 paths, 68 crosses (closest: 8)
Nervolo Belle (Mare)4320 paths, 156 crosses (closest: 8)
Spencer602 paths, 57 crosses (closest: 8)
Axtell46176 paths, 527 crosses (closest: 9)
San Francisco1241 paths, 90 crosses (closest: 7)
Evensong (Mare)75 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 7)
Florican(7+7+8+8+8+9+9) + (7+7)
Arnie Almahurst7 + 4x
Princess Royal (Mare)2366 paths, 117 crosses (closest: 9)
Guy Wilkes37026 paths, 465 crosses (closest: 9)
Happy Medium45714 paths, 515 crosses (closest: 10)
May Spencer (Mare)126 paths, 27 crosses (closest: 7)
Dillcisco (Mare)51 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 6)
Peter the Brewer224 paths, 36 crosses (closest: 7)
Protector102 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 7)
Zombro2625 paths, 130 crosses (closest: 8)
Electioneer121527 paths, 832 crosses (closest: 10)
Lady Bunker (Mare)165927 paths, 992 crosses (closest: 10)
Guy McKinney120 paths, 26 crosses (closest: 8)
Lee Axworthy2016 paths, 108 crosses (closest: 8)
Frosty Face (Mare)7 + 5x
Bingen14807 paths, 288 crosses (closest: 9)
Guy Abbey60 paths, 19 crosses (closest: 8)
Chimes3210 paths, 137 crosses (closest: 10)
Darnley(8+8+8+9+9+9+10+10) + (8+8)
Emily Ellen (Mare)1300 paths, 85 crosses (closest: 9)
Atlantic Express196 paths, 35 crosses (closest: 8)
Esther (Mare)1826 paths, 105 crosses (closest: 9)
Estabella (Mare)2392 paths, 118 crosses (closest: 10)
Dartmouth8 + 5x
Gleeful Hanover (Mare)7 + 6x
Todd2187 paths, 108 crosses (closest: 9)
Margaret Arion (Mare)108 paths, 24 crosses (closest: 8)
Jane Revere (Mare)175 paths, 32 crosses (closest: 8)
Beautiful Bells (Mare)12921 paths, 278 crosses (closest: 11)
Baron Wilkes6109 paths, 190 crosses (closest: 11)
May King17568 paths, 316 crosses (closest: 10)
Young Miss (Mare)17568 paths, 316 crosses (closest: 10)
Adioo (Mare)848 paths, 69 crosses (closest: 10)
Sidney Dillon848 paths, 69 crosses (closest: 10)
Expressive (Mare)350 paths, 45 crosses (closest: 9)
Bellini350 paths, 45 crosses (closest: 9)
Belwin145 paths, 34 crosses (closest: 9)
Onward8967 paths, 232 crosses (closest: 9)
Alcantara4191 paths, 160 crosses (closest: 11)
Margaret Parrish (Mare)140 paths, 27 crosses (closest: 9)
Minnehaha (Mare)18957 paths, 338 crosses (closest: 12)
Fruity Worthy (Mare)72 paths, 22 crosses (closest: 9)
Fanella (Mare)2349 paths, 114 crosses (closest: 10)
The Widow (Mare)306 paths, 57 crosses (closest: 9)
Volga E. (Mare)189 paths, 34 crosses (closest: 9)
Moko624 paths, 61 crosses (closest: 10)
Belvedere (Mare)(9+10) + (8x+8x)
The Gaiety Girl (Mare)2444 paths, 120 crosses (closest: 10)
Arion5207 paths, 168 crosses (closest: 11)
Maggie H. (Mare)4640 paths, 177 crosses (closest: 10)
Miss Bertha Dillon (Mare)(10+10+10+12) + (8x+9x)
Red Wilkes36210 paths, 457 crosses (closest: 11)
The Abbe64 paths, 20 crosses (closest: 10)
By By (Mare)864 paths, 70 crosses (closest: 11)
Madam Thompson (Mare)102 paths, 23 crosses (closest: 10)
Wilton1125 paths, 90 crosses (closest: 10)
Morning Gale (Mare)27 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 9)
Baronmore256 paths, 40 crosses (closest: 10)
Princess Gay (Mare)18 paths, 11 crosses (closest: 10)
Adbell423 paths, 56 crosses (closest: 11)
The Miss Stokes (Mare)56 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 10)
The Harvester56 paths, 18 crosses (closest: 11)
Miss Bertha C. (Mare)(11+11+11+12+13+15) + (9x+10x+11)
Eva (Mare)310 paths, 41 crosses (closest: 11)
Expectation (Mare)210 paths, 41 crosses (closest: 10)
Notelet (Mare)132 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 12)
Honeymoon H. (Mare)(10+10+11+13) + 9
Almont1460 paths, 93 crosses (closest: 12)
Guy Day(10+11+12) + 9
Justice Brooke34 paths, 19 crosses (closest: 9)
Harold756 paths, 68 crosses (closest: 12)
Walnut Hall68 paths, 21 crosses (closest: 12)
John A.Mckerron(11+11+11+12+14) + 10
Gayworthy (Mare)20 paths, 12 crosses (closest: 12)
Nancy Hanks (Mare)147 paths, 28 crosses (closest: 11)
Sis Directum (Mare)11 + 10x
Mamie (Mare)184 paths, 31 crosses (closest: 13)
Direct(12+13+13+14+14+14+15+15) + (13+13)
Mambrino King(13+13+13+14+16) + 12


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