2016Mellby Hoffa [H] [F] [S] 118 0,76 +12  1.17,7v 1.13,3a  kr 539,500  12 6-0- (p)    g, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Dont Wear PJS (CA)  [H] [F] [S]
2016Bling Bling [H] [F] [S] 118 0,76 +12  1.13,3v 1.13,7a  kr 389,500  14 2-4- (p)    m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Necklace [H] [F] [S]
2016Mellby Hope [H] [F] [S] 118 0,77 +8  1.12,7v 1.13,4a  kr 242,200  15 6-1- (p)    m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Please be Patient (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2016Mellby Hurricane [H] [F] [S] 116 0,77 +3  1.14,8v 1.12,4a  kr 234,000  13 4-1- (p)    g, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Mystic Lady U.S. (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2016Mellby Hawaii [H] [F] [S] 114 0,76 +8  1.16,1v 1.13,5a  kr 143,500  13 2-0- (p)    m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Mellby Tropic [H] [F] [S]
2016Bare Facts [H] [F] [S] 111 0,76 +3  1.16,4v 1.15,0a  kr 140,200  20 0-0-     m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Really and Truly [H] [F] [S]
2016Mellby Hyacint [H] [F] [S] 114 0,75 +14  1.17,1v 1.15,3a  kr 116,800  1-1- (p)    m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Mellby Anemone [H] [F] [S]
2016Beverage [H] [F] [S] 110 0,76 -7     kr 0                 m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Mountain Dew [H] [F] [S]
2016Mellby Hook [H] [F] [S] 109 0,77 -7     kr 0                 m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Up Front Peg (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2016Bring Me Home [H] [F] [S] 103 0,76 -7     kr 0                 g, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Bring It On (NO)  [H] [F] [S]
2016Bijoux [H] [F] [S] 102 0,76 -9     kr 0                 m, by Going Kronos (IT)  [H] [F] [S] - Il Faut le Dire (IT)  [H] [F] [S]

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