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2018Load Distribution [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Yorktown Gunner (CA)  [H] [F] [S] - Tail Clearence [H] [F] [S]
2018Subsequent [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Digital Media [H] [F] [S]
2018Vertical Path [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Scarlet Knight (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Ilyaand Over Halls (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Confirmed [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Scarlet Knight (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Oncenforall (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Landing Airport [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Digital Edition [H] [F] [S]
2018Swept Wing [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Air Frame [H] [F] [S]
2018Liftoff [H] [F] [S]               m, by Scarlet Knight (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Rum Swizzle (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Noise Abatement [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Twisterella [H] [F] [S]
2018Digital Sky [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Super Photo Kosmos (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Laverda des Pres (FR)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Retweet [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Tweet Hanover (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Initial Climb [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Avida de Vie (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Pitch Mode [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Loving Lavec (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Digital Fire [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Super Photo Kosmos (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Fully Extended [H] [F] [S]
2018Pitot System [H] [F] [S]               m, by Scarlet Knight (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Time For Muscles [H] [F] [S]
2018Sink Rate [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Scarlet Knight (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Lively Accelerator (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Flight Profile [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Scarlet Knight (US)  [H] [F] [S] - And Now Hanover (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Mandatory [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Bacio [H] [F] [S]
2018Nose High [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Iponema (US)  [H] [F] [S]
2018Crosscheck [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Sliding Window [H] [F] [S]
2018Gear Disagree [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Yorktown Gunner (CA)  [H] [F] [S] - Justin Accelerator [H] [F] [S]
2018Air System [H] [F] [S]               m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Pressure Regulated [H] [F] [S]
2018Gosa [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Ken Warkentin (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Jagmi [H] [F] [S]
2018Digital Stand [H] [F] [S]               m, by Super Photo Kosmos (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Dreamliner [H] [F] [S]
2018Darlowo [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Yorktown Gunner (CA)  [H] [F] [S] - Silent Va Bene [H] [F] [S]
2018Single Operation [H] [F] [S]           (p)    m, by Uncle Lasse (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Crosstalk [H] [F] [S]

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